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Agro Bag is a company with a unique combination of experience and innovation in the agricultural industry. We at Agro Bag have more than 30 years of experience in the agricultural sector and have been in the industry since 1990. With our big experience we have an in-depth knowledge of the market. For this reason, over the years we have seen a need in the industry for a more secure and operationally optimized solution for emptying big bags. This has resulted in our special and innovative agricultural tool.

Agro Bag was introduced as a development project in 2015 in parallel to our additional agricultural activities. This as we had a vision about a solution that could improve the working conditions for the farmers, improve the effectiveness and reduce the number of accidents at work without compromising whether the quality nor the performance.

The project was quickly followed by a full-time project with focus on quality and innovation, which resulted in hundreds of tests on our own agricultural production and ultimately a patent application on our end product. The product is thoroughly tested and thought through down to the smallest detail after many years of development.

Thinking ahead and developing new, innovative solutions is central to our company’s focus. Agro Bag also works closely with the costumers. We seek to understand the challenges our costumers face in their daily operations.

Mission & ambition


Our goal has always been to create a better working environment in agriculture. For this purpose, we provide agricultural equipment’s that require less physical exertion and less harmful long-term physical impact on the human body.

We want to deliver ground-breaking technologies that provide value to both users and costumers. Our products are simple, high-quality equipment that are reliable in operation and offers superior performance as well as low maintenance costs.



Through the development of Agro Bag, it has been tested intensively on our own farm in Poland for 4 years. This has resulted in many different prototypes before we found the right solution that both makes the work more efficient and as simple for the farmer as possible.

Moreover, we have applied for a patent on the solution as it is extraordinary and novelty for agriculture. Agro Bag has a technical function that cannot be found anywhere else on the market.

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1. Security system

The entire conceptual basis for the development of Agro Bag is based on combining efficiency with safety. Therefore, the Agro Bag is equipped with 4 coil springs and a top frame that shields the knives in the middle which provide greater safety in a busy work environment.

When the sack is lowered over the top frame and weight is applied, the coil springs will be released and the blades will then go up between the top frame to cut the sack. After the sack is emptied and this is lifted, the coil springs will return to their original position and again shield the blades when no emptying is taking place.

10. Handles

The entire Agro Bag construction is created to be an assembly set with replaceable parts. Therefore 12 handles are used to set both height, length, location of the platform and also to make the assembly user-friendly.

9. Safe installation with M-16 bolts

When the Agro Bag is mounted on the edge of the fertiliser spreader and set to the correct length, the supplied M-16 bolt must be clamped against the fertiliser spreader to mount the device. For the sake of preventing the farmer from drilling holes and changing the construction of the fertiliser spreader, rubber is inserted between the brackets and the bolts. This is done to buckle the M-16 bolts to the rubber and prevent damaging the fertiliser spreader.

8. Lifting hooks

All brackets each have 2 lifting hooks, and all platforms have 4 lifting hooks to make the installation as easy and user-friendly as possible, which also means that the installation can be performed safely and quickly by only one person.

7. Adjustable profile pipes

Agro Bag is equipped with adjustable profile pipes, which allows the farmer to fine-tune his Agro Bag to his own fertiliser spreader regardless of the model and with only 2,5 cm. deviation between each hole.

6. Flex system

The individual brackets are moveable at the bottom, which makes the Agro Bag flexible. It’s an advantage the sack is placed obliquely on the platform, as the moveable brackets then distribute the pressure on the entire edge of the fertiliser spreader and thus prevent damage to the construction. We call this a flex system.

4. Locking system

In addition to Agro Bag’s automatic spring safety system, the implement is also equipped with a manual locking system that, when activated, prevents any kind of emptying and exposure of knives.

The locking system works in such a way that two steel profiles are clicked up so that they sit under the top frame and thus prevent the coil springs from releasing even if weight is applied to the platform. The locking system is relevant in situations where Agro Bag is to be removed and kept on the floor, or if the farmer has to do work tasks up in the fertiliser spreader.

3. Knife system

Agro Bag is equipped with a specially developed knife system with barbs which make sure that the sack is getting cut the first time – every time. Even through the barbs grip and rake the bottom of the sack it will still give a nice cut that doesn’t leave flaws from the sack in the fertiliser spreader.

2. Big bag stop

To make it easier for the farmer to empty big bags with Agro Bag, the big bag stop will help brake a swinging sack and at the safe time make sure that the sack is always centrally located above the platform before it’s lowered and cut. *Big bag stop is additional equipment.

5. Adjustable brackets

Agro Bag is geared with individual brackets for every single fertiliser spreader and is also adjustable in the height so the farmer can operate the platform up or down. This function is especially relevant if there’s a tarpaulin system in the fertiliser spreader so it’s not possible to close the tarpaulin after the emptying.

Vi er i fasen - "Patent Pending"

Vi er patent pending.

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